Fascist!, Fascist!

As in previous episodes such as the Spanish socialist insurrection that began the civil war in the early 1930s, and Chile’s socialist revolution during the early 1970s, the political situation right now in the United States is in certain ways a pre-revolutionary one. An important key is the same in all cases: the left says it is acting against a “fascist” threat. In the Spanish and Chilean cases the fascist threat was nonexistent, as the extreme right was minuscule and insignificant in the respective political situation, and it was never the cause of anything. The specter of “fascism” was always the pretext and justification of the Spanish and Chilean left for their own revolutionary uprising against their democratic political systems, all the while saying they were defending themselves and the democratic system from the attacks and violence of the right. In both cases the left upped the ante every step of the way, with more lies, more violence and more urgency, up to the final clash. Also in both cases the false threat became a real one, as the right and center-right were forced to wake up and unite because their end was near if they did nothing. It is beginning to be the same here, where the left is the one doing violence while accusing Trump and his followers of being “fascists” who “incite violence,” as if the victims want and deserve the violence coming to them.

There are many ways of pushing this leftist scheme via the mainstream media: naming every foreign head of state a far-right person because he’s a friend of America or is fighting against globalism, the most recent case among several being Eduardo Bolsonaro, President of Brazil. This CNN article and this NBC article are good examples of what’s happening almost every day: CNN showing its anti-Trump, anti-nationalism, and anti-white supremacy bona fides, and the platform of NBC given to the extreme left Center for American Progress to make the case that “fascism” is on the rise everywhere in the world, all of it emanating from the ideological center, Trump’s White House. This dangerous propaganda is unprecedented.

The fascist! insult lies at the top of the Democrat’s list. It is supposed to be stronger than other not sufficiently accusatory and humiliating words, like bigot!, racist!, nativist!, or white supremacist!

But when leftist academics, students, activists, Antifas, and journalists throw the f-word at Trump, his followers, or at any person or group they dislike, they probably don’t realize they are just parroting Joseph Stalin’s decision in the 1930s to call socialist parties “social fascists” because those parties wouldn’t join the Third International or Comintern, an organization everybody knew was controlled by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. It was crude Soviet agitprop, just another political tactic to damage anybody who wasn’t working in favor of the orthodox Communist parties. The use of the word to attack the entire political universe was the extension of the “agent theory of fascism” developed just after World War I which defined fascism as the political agent of finance capitalism, supposedly the last phase of the capitalist mode of production.

The word fascist thus became an everyday weapon wielded by communists against any group or person seen as opposed to the changeable tactical goals of Stalin and the Soviet Union. It therefore lost any serious meaning, if it ever had one up to that point.

Our American leftists probably know even less about real fascism. They probably haven’t read books by specialists on fascism such as Ernst Nolte, Zeev Sternhell or Karl Bracher. If they had done so, they would know that fascism is a difficult phenomenon to define, the very opposite of its easy and lazy use by Stalin and themselves. They would realize that fascism was a particular political phenomenon that only occurred in Italy around 1921 and ended in 1945. Mussolini, the founder of fascism, declared that fascism was “national” socialism as opposed to the familiar “international” socialism. Nazism, a similar albeit more complex phenomenon, only occurred in Germany from the late 1920s to 1945, and also began as a “national” socialism, as can be clearly seen in a lowly book that I guess none of those leftists have read either, Hitler: Memoirs of a Confidant, the diary of Otto Wagener, edited by Henry Ashby Turner, Jr.

The same Henry Ashby Turner, Jr., in his book German Big Business and The Rise of Hitler proves, against conventional wisdom, that the Nazis mostly supported themselves economically, and that German industrialists were afraid of the Nazi Party, all the way from its founding to the naming of Hitler as Chancellor in 1933. And that they later accommodated with Hitler because they didn’t have any other choice (capitalists can also be opportunists). Contrary to most of the original party leadership, Hitler was never a socialist mainly because of his belief in Social Darwinism, and he used the party and German capitalists for his own grandiose purposes of expansion, war, and genocide.

In almost every way then, fascism was the opposite of what Stalin thought and it has no relation to the way our leftists use the word. But what do they care about beyond their expedient political reasons?

UPDATE 04/09/19: As of today, the essence of this post is now official Democratic policy. The House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on “hate crimes” and “rise of white nationalism.”