Replacing the American People

After the Uprising of the 17th of June
The Secretary of the Writers Union
Had leaflets distributed in Stalin Street
Stating that the People
Had lost the trust of the Government
And only through redoubled efforts
Could they win it back. Wouldn’t it
Be simpler for the Government
To dissolve the People
And elect another?
Bertolt Brecht, The Solution, 1953

One of the many novelties President Trump has brought to American politics is an easy ability to unmask his opponents. In this case because his pet project, immigration, is a key —if previously hidden— factor in our politics. The Democrat Party openly chooses illegal aliens, including the very nasty MS-13 criminal gangsters, over American citizens. It calls them “dreamers” and creates city and state sanctuaries for them. Wicked but logical, since the future of the party hinges on having masses of poor, ignorant, pliable Third World migrants as future voters. The Republican Party also wants to import masses of Third World migrants, with a twist: it plays political economy in tune with Big Business, which requires cheap laborers in all industries. But all of a sudden, a new and strong reinforcement appears out of nowhere: Big Business is not exclusively Republican anymore, as all the high-tech billionaires are Democrats and openly act as such. As if by magic, the Democrat Party is no longer the party of the worker and the little guy, and the Republican party doesn’t conserve anything worth conserving.

Thus the UniParty

Both parties cover their evil goals with cheap propaganda disguised as political wisdom. Democrats fling at us assertions like “multiculturalism is good” and “diversity is our strength,” they call illegals “undocumented” as if they lost their papers somewhere, or just “immigrants,” to dissolve the meaning of words. Republicans hide their goals under misleading assertions like “immigration is good for the economy” or lies like “most immigrants are conservatives,” while Big Business replaces American workers with lower-paid foreigners at both ends of the spectrum by inventing all kinds of visas and even an immigration lottery! Both parties block real solutions like mandatory E-Verify or the Trump Wall, and look the other way on the half-million-a-year visa overstayers. It doesn’t matter that terrorists and drugs also come through the open borders, and the only excuse and justification is to lull the expendable natives with a big lie: “demography is destiny.” There is no destiny regarding demographics, it’s a choice made by the unholy alliance of Democrats and Republicans.

As I have argued in other posts, this is just the postmodern variety of liberalism taking over and unfolding its own destructive logic. Open borders and lack of sovereignty are instruments of the push toward global government and global citizenship that have been there from the beginning in both parties: Democrats long for socialist centralization and thus see the United Nations as a budding global government; Republicans, Smithian liberals at heart, long for freedom of economic constraints, thus their love for open borders and the free movement of people. The Wall Street Journal has been pushing both for decades. On top of all that and according to both parties, American citizens have no say on who comes to the country, how many can come, or in what way.

The truth is that our two parties have to change the people of America in order for their feudal system to finally triumph. The globalism supported by both parties points to a new system of small groups of modern seigneurs surrounded by masses of poor and uneducated serfs, a system in which both the middle class and the working class gradually disappear. That’s why both parties are blocking President Trump’s most important electoral promises. Open borders and limited sovereignty are the hills both parties want to die on.

Seen this way, all those political intricacies are just different facets of the same thing. And as Allan Bloom said that tolerance is indifference, the left-wing and right-wing cultural, political, and economic synonymia convinces the victims that they deserve their fate and that, anyway, they can’t do anything about it.

This would be unprecedented in history without a previous military defeat.

The insistence on hating your own culture is a central part of the “convincing,” including the shaming of little kids and forcing their parents to accept it. They can’t see the many failures in front of their noses; I don’t think they want something like Zimbabwe, they just can’t see that something like Zimbabwe would be the result of their efforts. Part of the reason is that they can’t accept that most of the good things about former colonies are the institutions left by Old England, as I have personally witnessed in many years of business travels in the Caribbean and the near Atlantic. Everything is lost in their efforts to atone, to do penitence for all our supposed historical crimes. The superiority of Western civilization, something easily seen when you simply look around, check the news, or study history, is not accepted by these new fanatical, ignorant converts. But it’s evident that the change will be for the worse as we are seeing in Europe and, progressively, here in America too. Are we looking to Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire via an apocalyptic Camp of the Saints all over the West?

Since the stakes are so high, some hard questions need to be asked:

1. What right do “leaders” have to replace a population of Americans of European descent, African Americans, and Native Americans that comprise more than 75% of the country?

2. Why should the native majority accept such a huge change for the worse? Especially, why should the 61% white American majority accept to become a minority in its own country, perhaps even a persecuted minority like in South Africa and Zimbabwe?

3. What right do 23% of Hispanics and Asians have to overwhelm the native majority?

4. Will the American people reproduce and counter the modern Mephistopheles?

5. Is this just another case of the boiling frog story?

6. Why is nobody close to power in America asking these questions?

An undeclared war has already started: Americans of European descent are being forced to become a minority, something they supposedly deserve for their ancestors’ wickedness. For some reason, nobody asks South Korea or Japan to change, become more diverse and accept their cultures to be completely changed. But that question is normal in the USA and in Europe. Not only the huge successes of Western civilization are now presented as proofs of oppression and evildoing, but Rousseau is back in force as poor, low-IQ peasant foreigners are the new noble savages. Multiculturalism and diversity, the tips of the anti-Western spears, are the latest weapons wielded by postmodernism to lead us forward to a dystopian future. Now, when our leaders hate their own culture, we’re told that all cultures are equal —except ours, which is the worst. And they tell us that “diversity is our strength” when it is really a weakness, as political scientist Robert D. Putnam has shown. Surreal.

A second firing on Fort Sumter is being prepared by Democrats. California is the best but not the only example. The unthinkable is already happening: State and city authorities openly oppose the federal laws they swore to enforce. Democrats, who normally love centralized federal power, have turned 180 degrees and now promote States’ Rights and seem to accept John C. Calhoun’s Nullification doctrine.


Vladimir Dorta, 04/26/2018