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Lincoln couldn’t know that being “the almost chosen people” wasn’t enough to save us. But the most recent data say it clearly: we are dying almost as fast as the rest of the developed world. How fast things change nowadays: Paul Johnson’s article is 12 years old and my first post about demography is only 2 years old. Since we don’t have enough children, Mephistopheles is here to claim his prize, liberal humanity.

Some phenomena, previously unexplained or vague in my mind, that have become clear by the way I now see liberalism:

— Climate Change is a powerful symbol of liberal utopianism and, at the same time, an instrument of global centralization and domination. That it is headed by the United Nations, that it is pushed by the most liberal politicians, and that the name evolved from “global warming” to be able to explain everything, only make it more blatant. It isn’t new in history that scientists lend themselves to serve an ideological objective, selling their objectivity in the interest of the greater good, especially when it is seasoned with savory government grants.

— Open Borders and its convenient UN legal rubber stamp, “migration as a human right,” are blunt liberal instruments of global homogenization and centralization, crude but fast-acting solvents to erase national sovereignty.

— Permanent Intervention and Permanent War are also instruments of liberal domination. I was wrong, it wasn’t just weird neoconservative ideas. And they unveil the big lie that democracies don’t start wars.

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Val-e-diction is a web log dedicated to expressing my beliefs and concerns regarding political, economic and social matters in the USA. I was born in Venezuela, a country famous by the proverbial beauty of its women that is a result of its racial and ethnic melting pot. At the present time Venezuela is suffering its gravest political and economic calamity in a century. Simply, socialism doesn’t work. I emigrated legally to the USA in 1979. I had studied here when young and fell in love with the country, a feeling that never faltered until I could make it my and my family’s home. I am proud of being a citizen of the United States of America, the shining city on a hill of Winthrop and Reagan, the beacon of freedom and hope for millions, the astonishing product of the only successful revolution in history. May God keep its institutions, traditions and culture strong forever. My humble contributions will try to push in the same direction.

2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts”

  1. Vladimir,
    I am not comfortable with any of the extremes of the climate argument.
    I propose to construct a large room and provide it with CO, CO2 and the rest of the pollutants , at the current rate being thrown into the atmosphere , considering the side of the room. Add all the variables such as wind , light and darkness. I wonder how many of us will accept to live in such a room … let’s say for 40 years.

    The Climate dilemma reminds me of the “ Monkey Trial “ . Clarence Darrow defending the teacher that attempted to teach evolution in Tennessee in the 20s. William Jennings , former secretary of state under Wilson, for the prosecution. Jennings prevented Darrow from introducing evidence from scientists which would have indicated that the earth was around for millions of years and not only for 6000 years, as calculated from the bible. Darrow discredit the teachings of the bible as he had no other alternative but to take the word literally. The bible, under those circumstances, could not hold his own. In other words , none of the sides was willing to consider the evidence that could not be doubted.
    Jennings won. The judge ruled that science was not on trial but the illegal teaching of evolution was. I hope that the climate argument will eventually be settled on science and not on economics or politics, whatever it is.

    Have you asked your granddaughter what she thinks?.


    1. I hope the same thing, but everything today is politicized. The feminist phrase “the personal is the political” now means everything, the private and the public. And the same people who push climate change also think there are more than 50 genders.


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