The Unholy Alliance

Unlike the Holy Alliance formed in 19th century Europe to sustain the divine rights of kings, our unholy political alliance doesn’t need any forming or shaping because it is automatic. “Border security,” “broken immigration system,” “D.A.C.A.,” “D.R.E.A.M.,” “H1B,” “let them out of the shadows” are all fig leaves. Democrats and Republicans agree on unlimited legal and illegal immigration. Democrats get a steady stream of new voters, Republicans supply Big Business with a steady stream of cheap workers. The only losers are poor Americans, but they don’t get to decide.


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Val-e-diction is a web log dedicated to expressing my beliefs and concerns regarding political, economic and social matters in the USA. I was born in Venezuela, a country famous by the proverbial beauty of its women that is a result of its racial and ethnic melting pot. At the present time Venezuela is suffering its gravest political and economic calamity in a century. Simply, socialism doesn’t work. I emigrated legally to the USA in 1979. I had studied here when young and fell in love with the country, a feeling that never faltered until I could make it my and my family’s home. I am proud of being a citizen of the United States of America, the shining city on a hill of Winthrop and Reagan, the beacon of freedom and hope for millions, the astonishing product of the only successful revolution in history. May God keep its institutions, traditions and culture strong forever. My humble contributions will try to push in the same direction.

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